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All About That Planner Life

All About That Planner Life

I decided that this year (especially with baby #3 coming!) it was time to get this house structured and organized.


Shortly after Christmas, I jumped on the planner train, picking up my first Mini Happy Planner. (and a bunch of super cute stickers and accessories to go with it!)


I wasn’t sure where to start, but after joining some Facebook groups and chatting with some mom friends, I realized that there are SO many things it can be used for!


So far I’ve been using it to keep track of activities, appointments and school functions.  I use it to plan my household chores (daily, weekly and monthly, stay tuned for a free printable!), to do lists and meal plan.  My house has never been cleaner, and we’ve never eaten better since I started!


Since joining the planner life, things have been so much easier and less hectic around here! If mom life has you stressed out and all over the place, pick up a planner and give it a try!


Do you use a planner? Which one and what do you use it for? Any tips and tricks? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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