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5 Simple Tips for Stress-Free Air Travel with Kids

5 Simple Tips for Stress-Free Air Travel with Kids

Air travel with kids can often be nerve wracking especially the first few times.  Follow these 5 simple tips to make your flight a smooth one!


  1. Use a backpack as a carry on.  Having your hands free in the airport will make wrangling your children SO much easier!


  1. Dress your child in comfy layers as the temperature aboard airplanes can change a lot during the flight.  Pack a change of clothes (or two!) in a plastic bag in your carry on in case of spills or accidents.


  1. Bring snacks.  Kids can become cranky when hungry and a full tummy makes for a happy child!


  1. Bring activities to keep them entertained. New toys, colouring books, whatever might keep them occupied.  Tablets loaded with games, TV shows and movies are a must!  Don’t forget to bring kid sized headphones as most airline sets aren’t comfortable for kids.


  1. To ease ear pain during take off and landing, bring lollipops to suck on or a sippy cup with a straw.


These 5 tips are sure to simplify air travel with your littles, but remember, kids can be unpredictable so be prepared to readjust, stay calm and just go with the flow!


What are your tried and true tips and tricks for air travel with kids? Leave a comment below and let me know!



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